Download: 2018 National Budget Statement

2018 National Budget

Key Mentions for the Poultry Sector in the 2018 National Budget Statement:

  • Whereas other meat products such as beef, chicken and pork are exempt from VAT, meat of goats and sheep is liable to a 15% standard rate of VAT.
  • Adequate preparations are key for a successful agricultural season. Accordingly, and in collaboration with the private sector, Government support will see the 2018 Budget allocate 9% of the total Budget to agriculture, up from 7% in 2017.
  • Government is in the process of extending the ‘Command Programme’ to include livestock and fisheries.
  • Budget interventions will, therefore, reinforce livestock and poultry pest control, as well as disease surveillance, to reduce incidences of Foot and Mouth, Anthrax, Avian Flu and Newcastle diseases outbreaks.
  • To support the revival of the livestock and poultry industries, the 2018 Budget is appropriating US$9.4 million, inclusive of US$5.5 million income from dipping fees, towards dipping and vaccination services, movement control and surveillance programmes.

    Download the full 2018 National Budget Statement.

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