Chicken Contract Farming Opportunity

Broiler Contract Farming Opportunity

The Zimbabwe Organic Natural Food Association (ZONFA) is inviting interested chicken farmers to subscribe for the organically-raised broiler contract farming programme. Zonfa is assuring farmers of a ready market provided the chickens are raised organically – free from antibiotics or medicated feed.

How to Qualify for Contract Farming:

  • one should have gone through training by ZONFA covering areas on raising organic broiler chickens and poultry bio-security systems and safety.
  • minimum number of birds per site is 100.
  • adherence to stipulated rules and regulations
  • a pre-acceptance audit to be done by Zonfa to ascertain compliance.
  • details of costs/payment structures to be provided to people meeting the minimum requirements.

What ZONFA will do:

  • train and contract farmers nationwide to raise broilers organically.
  • supply all natural poultry supplements, probiotics and non-medicated feed.
  • marketing – Zonfa has secured a distributor hence market is guaranteed.

For finer details of the training programmes and contract farming terms and conditions, contact ZONFA Offices on +263 713 471 167/+263 779 438 025/

Happy chicken farming!


  1. tsitsi Reply

    I would like to know when is your next training. Im interested to be a contract broiler farmer .

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