Press Release: Expected Very High Temperatures Over The Country: 17-18 October 2017

The Meteorological Department Services issued a weather alert yesterday on the coming of very high temperatures which will affect all parts of the country starting today. Some areas such as Limpopo Valley will record soaring temperatures as high as 43°C.

The high temperatures are expected to subside by the end of the week and people are generally being encouraged to avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight.

In light of these developments, I strongly urge poultry farmers to be wary of heat stress which usually affects chickens and results in cannibalism and death through heat strokes in severe circumstances.

Farmers should therefore provide their flocks with constant supply of plenty and clean water and keep chickens under shade.

To read the full Press Release with contact details for the Met Department, please follow the link: Weather advisory_16 October 2017.

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