Welcome to the Poultry Shop Blog!

Welcome to the Poultry Shop Blog.

Hey there, its Allen here.

Compliments of the New Year and thank you for visiting my Blog!

This Blog is dedicated to sharing information, news, tips and updates on chicken farming – roadrunners, layers and broilers.

Why this Blog?

  • My love for writing and chicken farming motivated me to create this platform as a way to share my experiences, successes and failures in running a chicken business.
  • Go to source for poultry farmers and stakeholders for latest news, analysis, reviews and updates. You can also view or post jobs related to the poultry industry, post free adverts for poultry stuff and even post a question and have other farmers like you giving you answers based on their experiences.

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Post in the comment section below on what topics you will be interested to learn more about.

Happy New Year!

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